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On this page, we will address certain common questions pertaining to memorials, services, and products. We invite you to submit any questions or feedback through our Contact Us form, and you will find your questions and answers posted here from time to time.


I've never done this before, where do I start?

You are certainly not alone in this situation.  Most people are doing this for the first time when they contact us.   If you are comfortable, we encourage you to take a tape measure and visit your cemetery to view existing memorials.  Some things to consider are the size, shape, colour, lettering styles and stone finishes (polished or rough).  Getting an idea of what appeals to you will help you narrow down your decision when we meet.

How long do I have to wait before ordering a memorial?

This is a totally personal decision.  Some people come in right away, while others might wait for many months to pass before they are ready.  Everyone is different so we encourage people to come in when they feel ready to do so.  


Why does the cemetery require a concrete foundation under the memorial?

The concrete foundation is necessary to support the weight of an upright memorial or pillow marker.  It is poured below the frost line to ensure that the memorial will continue to stand straight for many decades to come.


What is a Care and Maintenance Fee?

The Bereavement Authority of Ontario mandates that all cemeteries collect a sum of money and hold it in trust in a cemeteries care fund.  This cost is $100.00 for a flat marker or $200.00 to $400.00, depending on the size, for an upright memorial.  All memorial companies must collect this and remit to the cemetery.

Will the foundation that goes under the upright memorial interfere with the burial?

No, absolutely not.  All cemeteries have adequate space built into the graves to allow for the burial and a memorial foundation.

Can I have an upright memorial on my lot?

During our initial contact with you, we will gather 


Can my memorial be as big as I want it to be?

Most (if not all) cemeteries have rules regarding the sizes of memorials. Some have very tight rules others have very relaxed rules. Check with your monument builder he should know.

Can I have any shape or colour of memorial that I want?

Yes, as long as the memorial conforms to the sizes allowed by the cemetery. Some cemeteries have a rule that the base stone must be the same material as the die stone. Check with your local monument builder he will know the rules.


Why can't I letter the back or ends of my memorial?

Some cemeteries have rules, which state that lettering on memorials must only face the grave space, and not face other people's cemetery property.


Will my memorial fade in time?

Most memorials today are made from granite and good granite will not fade or discolour. All granites are not created equal. Some are better than others. Check an older section in your cemetery and see how well the memorials have stood up over time.


How long will my monument or marker last?

If your memorial is made from a good quality granite it will last for many hundreds of years probably even thousands of years.


Why aren't all granites the same price?

There are a number of reasons why granites differ in price. When a block of granite is removed from the ground there is a certain amount that is normal waste. With some granites the waste factor is much larger and obtaining good clear pieces becomes a problem so the price is higher. Sometimes granites that are imported from other countries are more expensive because of high freight costs and dollar fluctuations. Some granites are harder to polish than others hence a higher price.


Why does it take so long to complete my memorial?

There are a number of factors that control the time it takes to complete and install your memorial. The first would be the availability of the granite. The second would be the time it takes to have drawings done and approved. Remember the old saying about having things etched in stone. Once the memorial is lettered it is permanent and it is very expensive to change. Always ask for either a scaled computer drawing or a full size drawing, which you can approve. Mistakes can happen always double-check the spelling and dates. The last reason it can take so long to compete your memorial is the foundation. Some cemeteries install their own foundations and sometimes only once or twice a year. Sometimes due to bad weather it can take longer to have the foundation installed. Once your memorial is installed it will be there forever a few extra days or weeks should not even be a consideration.


Why can't cemeteries pour foundations in the winter?

In most climates freezing is a major consideration for not installing foundations in the winter. Concrete does not set well if the temperature is below freezing.


Will moss grow on the top of my memorial if it is not polished?

Moss growing on memorials seems to be a problem in some areas more than other areas. It has a lot to do with the climate and ground moisture and as well the proximity to certain trees and shrubs. Having the top polished simply makes the memorial easier to clean and the slippery surface hinders moss growth. In most cases moss or most other stains can be removed by pressure washing and professional cleaning. Ask your local monument builder about this.


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